Need to know how your program stacks up, what's working, what's not, or help identifying and realizing efficiencies? We can work with you to review your policies and procedures.

Program Analysis

We can help formalize your program by capturing key policies and procedures in continuity documents, policy letters, and/or SOPs.

Program Policy Writing

We can analyze and assess the content, design, and delivery of your lesson plans and programs of instructions to help you identify both efficiencies and deficiencies.

Curriculum Analysis

If you anticipate the need for a training intervention, we can assist with a needs assessment and development of a tailored course or curriculum to address identified requirements. This can include the design and developmnet of distributed learning materials, traditional classroom instruction, Web-based instruction, or a combination of any or all of these.

Instructional Design

We specialize in cross-cultural competence education and training, as well as teaching and mentoring foreign language instructors to go far beyond imparting mere culture-specific factoids by showing them how to integrate culture-general and cross-cultural competence into their teaching approach and methods.

Training and Education

In addition to the courses we can design and/or offer, we can also be engaged as guest lecturers or keynote speakers on various topics related to language/culture programs.

Speaking Engagements

We have extensive experience managing language/culture related programs and projects, as well as with training language/culture program managers.

Program Management

Looking to bid on a Government foreign language/culture services contract? We speak "Contracting" and can assist with capture management and proposal writing.

Contract Capture

If you need help incorporating culture, region, and/or language elements into a synergetic leaning event or program of instruction, we can help.

Curriculum Development

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