Aperture Language and Culture Program

Aperture Languaculture is an innovative cross-cultural learning program developed by Robert Greene Sands and Pieter DeVisser that promotes the development and application of transferable knowledge, skills and abilities to help navigate, make sense of social and cultural behavior and be successful in complex and often uncertain and risk-filled environments.  Aperture is based on the research and experience of producing critical learning programs for the US Department of Defense and the individual Services to address needed language, region and culture deficiencies that threaten the success of missions and the lives of military and civilian populations.  Aperture learning is customizable to an organization’s LRC needs based on initial assessment and constructed with sound pedagogical practices and instructional design.  Blended learning methods produce relevant and tested curriculum and delivery that offer an array of products from presentation and lectures to courses.  Each learning product considers as a thread throughout each curriculum development that invigorates intra and interpersonal cross-cultural competencies.

Learning Products and Services

Operational Culture: Thinking Differently About Behavior in the Human Domain - 101
Operational Culture: Thinking Differently About Behavior in the Human Domain - 201

This course will explore further cultural knowledge domains and introduce skills such as cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural negotiations and working with interpreters.

80-hour Instructor Pre-Service Learning Event

LanguaCulture has developed a modular and customizable online with facilitation and self-paced modules 80-hour pre-service learning event for instructors of foreign language.  For instance, for military language and culture programs using language contractors, an existing  pre-service learning event includes an orientation to military culture and terminology; an introduction to the Interagency Language Roundtable and its skill descriptors and proficiency scale; a module on applicable theories, approaches, and methods in Adult Education (including Learning Styles/Multiple Intelligences, Learner-centric Instruction, and Learning Strategies) and Second Language Acquisition (including Communicative Language Teaching and Task-based Language Learning), a 3C/culture-general set of lessons and additional distance teaching, web-based tools, and multimedia training.  For non-military need, the learning event will not feature military culture or terminology.  The course is provided through an LMS and facilitate portions of the course are provided through LanguaCulture faculty. 

Workshops on LRC Learning

LanguaCulture organize, develops and presents workshops and seminars on aspects of language and culture learing for an array of audiences.  For a recent workshop, see link. 

Instructional Design & Technology Integration
Program Consulting

Robert Greene Sands and Pieter DeVisser offer over 15 years of experience in research, developing/designing and delivering innovative and quality language, region and culture (LRC) learning programs for the Department of Defense and other organizations, and over twenty years of experience in higher education.   They each have  a wide array of experience in all facets of the learning process and has consulted for a host of Defense organizations on promoting effective learning methods and programs.    Both are available at reasonable rates to assist your organization’s LRC efforts, just reach out.  

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